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09 May 2022Clock

Essential Garage Door Safety Tips for Family

Garage doors add functional and aesthetic value to the home. It helps the garage serve its purpose of storage and security without compromising the quality and outlook of your home. It also to your regular home life while also protecting your stored items from harsh weather. However, improper handling and carelessness around garage doors can pose severe risks despite technological advancement and improvements. These potential dangers are attached to poor garage door condition, improper operation, poor maintenance, and lack of basic safety knowledge. This guide offers essential garage door safety tips to mitigate potential accidents. These tips are helpful for every member of the home, especially kids and newbies, to garage doors. Let’s explore!

1. Take Your Time to Read the Useru2019s Manual and Manufacturer's Instructions

The first step to safety is finding the proper knowledge, as you will do in this guide. Most garage doors come with manual instructions on safe operation and safety. These instructions are often specific for each garage door model and manufacturer. The manual usually contains the installation, maintenance, and operation procedures for safe handling. You will also learn how to fix fundamental issues and figure out any potential problems. The details might also include mechanical and physical safety instructions that will help avert potential risks and dangers with your garage door.

2. Regularly Lubricate all Moving Parts

Lubrication aids easy movement between two frictional parts while preventing wear and tear. It is also one of the best ways to increase the life expectancy of your garage doors. Take a few minutes once or twice a year to spray lubricants on the moving parts of the gateu2014some of the notable parts include drive screws, tracks, and door rollers. Consider checking through the manufactureru2019s manual for recommended lubrication process. Also, consider using only lubricants recommended by manufacturers or specialists to avoid extra damage.

3. Tighten Up Loosed Hardware

Each time you open and close your garage door, it sets the body into a vibration that can cause the hardware to lose. Considering the number of times you might have to open and close your garage doors, it is only crucial to tighten the hardware after extended use. Tighten the bolts, nuts, and roller brackets as often as fit. You can integrate this process into your routine garage door maintenance process. Tightening up hardware will help you avert further damage or potential accidents.

4. Clear Out Tracks

Debris and dirt can find their way into your garage door tracks through several means. However, it is essential to remove this debris regularly and clutters to ensure smooth movement over the tracks. It will also prevent excess vibration that might cause the hardware to loosen rapidly. Track clearing should take place twice or thrice a year. Avoid using water or harsh cleaning chemicals to clear your tracks to avoid rust and similar damages. Instead, use a broom or brush to sweep out the debris and clutters. You should also pay attention to regular dirt like spider webs and other animal wastes.

5. Regularly Inspect the Dooru2019s Balance

Balancing is essential for keeping garage doors at optimal functionality. Once a garage door loses balance, it generates an undue strain on the door opener, shortening its lifespan. Also, the lack of balance makes it relatively difficult to open and close your garage doors. Gently pull the manual release cord and stop it when it gets halfway up. If your garage door is appropriately balanced, it will stop without additional support. However, if the door slides down or zooms up, it indicates that you need to adjust the springu2019s tension.

6. Check the Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables are vital for smooth functionality and longevity of lifespan. Check out the garage door cables by looking through the bottom roller bracket. Ensure that there are no loose ends or broken strands at any spot. It is essential to note that any damage to garage door cables is not for you to repair or fix. Once you discover any problem, it is best to contact a professional repair service. Garage door cables hold enough power to cause severe injury or even death in extreme cases.

7. Inspect and Replace the Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping plays a vital role in the protection of a garage door. It prevents the elements from wearing out, hence, increasing their lifespan. Check out the weatherstripping to see if you will find anything unusual. Once you discover that the weatherstripping is broken, dry, or brittle, it is time for a replacement. Also, check out for rusting around the door, rusting around the door drafts sipping in from beneath the door. You donu2019t have to worry much about replacing your weatherstripping because the cost is inexpensive, and the process is pretty straightforward.

Wrapping Up

It is never too late to start a proper maintenance routine for your garage door. Proper maintenance eases the need for repair, making it cheaper and better. The tips above will help you ensure proper maintenance of your garage doors. In case of repair and complex maintenance, feel free to contact a professional garage door repair service.