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How Do I Know If I Really Need To Hire A Locksmith?

Locksmiths can help you deal with many common problems involving keys and locks in your home or your car. If you’re locked out, call Trulox right away before attempting to break in. If the locks on your home become damaged in some way, you will probably need a Trulox locksmith to help you out.

Another common situation where a locksmith is necessary is when you move into a new home, or someone has moved out. A locksmith can help you change the locks and issue you new keys. If you are having trouble with digital locks or are looking to upgrade your locks due to security concerns, calling a locksmith would be a great place to start.

Tell Me About The Services Offered By Trulox

There are three areas where Trulox can help: Your car, your home, or your business.

When it comes to your car, Trulox can help you unlock your car if you lock the keys inside. We can also replace the key if you lose it or need it duplicated. We also specialize in car key extraction if your key happens to break off inside your door or ignition. We can handle any other ignition-based problem as well and can even replace your entire ignition if needed.

As for your home or business, if you get locked out, we can get you back in quickly and make replacement keys if you lose them. If you move, we can also help you rekey your locks, so you feel secure. If your locks are worn out or damaged, we can quickly replace them. We also deal with any problems involving modern keyless locks and can handle any lock issue involving a safe or lockbox.

Can Trulox Install A New Lock For Me?

Yes, a Trulox technician will first do a thorough inspection of the lock you want changed to see if it actually needs a total replacement. If a new lock is required, we will put a new one in quickly and test it to ensure that it works properly. We will also issue keys for the new lock, so you have immediate access.

How Do I Know If A Locksmith Is Trustworthy?

Finding a trustworthy locksmith takes research. Anyone can set up a website that looks professional, so it is best to call a company you find online and speak to one of their representatives. As for Trulox, we are a licensed company, Top Rated Local, member's of the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) and A+ rated on BBB. Call us, and we would be happy to tell you about our extensive qualifications. We have worked with thousands of clients and we would be happy to give you references!

I can’t get into my car because I locked the keys inside. Does Trulox unlock car doors?

Yes, Trulox can handle pretty much any issue involving the doors, keys, locks, and ignitions on your car. If you get locked out, we can get you back inside your vehicle quickly and make new keys if needed.

I need extra car keys. Does Trulox duplicate keys?

Yes, duplicate keys are no problem for Trulox. We can make them quickly!

What Do I Do If My Key Breaks Off In My Car Door?

Call Trulox immediately! Our professional locksmiths have the tools and experience to remove any broken key from the door lock or the ignition. While our locksmith is extracting the broken key, he can also create and program a replacement key to get you on your way.

Does Trulox unlock homes if you happen to lock yourself out?

Getting locked out of your own home is never fun. At Trulox, we’ve got you covered. We provide fast and efficient home lockout services and can unlock pretty much any door without damaging your property.

Can Trulox replace lost keys if I lose mine?

Absolutely! Whether it’s your car keys or the keys to your house or business, Trulox professional locksmiths can easily make a spare key without the original.

What does “rekeying a lock mean?”

When Trulox locksmiths rekey a lock, we alter an existing lock so old keys no longer work. This requires us to change pins inside a current lock so that they require a brand new key. When Trulox rekeys a lock, you will get new keys, and people who have old keys will not be able to gain access.

Am I able to use the same key for all of my locks?

In certain cases, yes, but only if all of the locks are of a similar type or are made by the same manufacturer. For instance, if all of the door handles inside your home or business look the same but require different keys, we can adjust them so you will only need one key to access all of them.

Do I have to replace all my locks if I lose my keys?

No. Trulox professional locksmiths can make copies of a key if the original is lost or stolen. That’s why you should never panic if you lose your keys. Just call Trulox, and we will make new keys quickly.

Should I rekey the locks If I Move Into A New Home?

If you bought a new home, chances are the old owners did not rekey the home for you. In this case, you should definitely rekey the house so the old owners or anyone else who had a key to it can get inside.

If you rent a new place, call your landlord and ask if they rekeyed the home after the old tenants moved out. If they haven’t, you should rekey the home so the old tenants can’t gain access. It would be wise to ask the landlord to rekey the home for you. Often, they are willing to cover the costs.

Can Every Lock Be Picked?

No, not every lock can be successfully picked. Many locks used in homes and businesses are high security and pick-resistant. The newer the lock is, the better the chances are of the lock being pick-resistant.

How Do I Pay For The Trulox Services I Use?

At Trulox, we make paying for your services as convenient as possible. While most customers prefer to use credit or debit cards and cash, we also still accept personal checks along with newer digital payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Zelle, Venmo, and Cash App

What grade of door lock is the best for home security?

High-security deadbolt locks are the leading choice for homeowners and contractors building new homes. Trulox offers several brands of high-security locks that will provide you with confidence that no one will be able to penetrate your doors.

Do locks still work after you open them?

Yes, when a Trulox locksmiths open a door for you, they actually pick the lock. Picking a lock on a house or car does not damage the lock. However, there are cases when a damaged lock needs to be drilled to gain access, which is rare. But, if that’s the case, the lock will need to be replaced.

What does Master Re-keying mean?

Master re-keying is often used by used apartment complex managers, property managers, and other types of business owners. Master rekeying is best explained by using a large apartment complex as an example. A property manager doesn’t want to carry keys for every apartment unit. Instead, they carry a master key that allows access to every unit. However, the key given to each tenant only allows access to their specific unit.

Master-keying a group of locks requires that all the locks in the group are made by the same manufacturer. Along with master key systems, Trulox is also able to create sub-master keys and grand-master keys, etc.

Trulox can master rekey your home so that one key accesses all the doors. You can then give a key to a gardener, which will only allow them access to the garage.

Can you explain what a high-security lock is?

A high-security lock simply means that the lock has restricted key access. The keys included with a high-security lock are very hard to duplicate. High-security locks offer the safest protection against potential burglaries. Trulox provides the best brands of high-security locks to make sure you don’t become a burglary victim.

How can I become a locksmith with Trulox?

Trulox is an established locksmith company headquartered in New Orleans and expanding to new areas. We are always looking for trusted locksmiths with experience and expertise to join our team and grow with us. To apply, send us your resume by going to