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common locksmith scams and how to avoid them

Common Locksmith Scams and How to Avoid Them

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Published Date: August 21, 2023

Common Locksmith Scams and How to Avoid Them

We've all been there - locked out of our car or home, feeling desperate and ready to accept help from the first person who comes along. However, this vulnerable state can also make us a target for some less-than-ethical practices in the locksmith industry. While many reputable and professional locksmiths are out there, it's unfortunate that a few bad apples can taint the perception of this noble trade.

The goal of this article is not to alarm but to inform and equip you with the knowledge to differentiate professionals from pretenders. By being aware of the common deceptive tactics employed by dishonest locksmiths, you can avoid falling victim to their ploys.

In this blog, we will delve into some typical locksmith scams and provide practical advice on how to circumvent them. We'll also shed light on the steps you can take to ensure you're hiring a legitimate, professional locksmith when you need one. So, let's dive in and uncover these frauds lurking in the locksmith industry.

common locksmith scams and how to avoid them

Common Misrepresentations and Overcharging Tactics

The Bait and Switch

One common tactic dishonest locksmiths employ is the "bait and switch." They advertise incredibly low rates to lure you in and increase prices once the work is done. They often justify these increased charges with claims of unforeseen complications or by saying the job was more complex than initially thought.

Hidden Charges

Another way some locksmiths inflate their prices is by sneaking in hidden charges. They might quote you a reasonable price on the phone but add extra costs for mileage, emergency hours, or even "labor" once they arrive. Always ask for a comprehensive quote upfront to avoid this kind of surprise.

Drilling and Replacement

Some locksmiths might immediately suggest drilling and replacing your lock, even when unnecessary. They do this to charge you more for a new lock and installation. Remember, a professional locksmith has the skills to unlock almost any lock without drilling.

False Affiliations and Fake Local Listings

Non-existent Local Businesses

In this age of online directories and maps, some deceitful locksmiths create false local listings to appear established and trustworthy. They might use fake addresses or PO boxes and redirect calls to a central call center. One way to verify a business is to check its address online and ask the locksmith for a local phone number.

Bogus Affiliations

Claiming false affiliations with professional bodies is another tactic. Any locksmith can claim to be licensed, but not all licenses are created equal. Some states require locksmiths to be licensed, while others don't. Always check the validity of any claimed affiliations or licenses with the relevant organizations.

Fake Reviews

Fake online reviews can lure unsuspecting customers. When checking reviews, watch out for a sudden influx of positive reviews over a short period or multiple reviews with similar language. Diversify your sources for reviews and take note of any recurring complaints.

Recognizing Red Flags: Telltale Signs of Unscrupulous Locksmiths

Vague Communications and Indecisiveness

Locksmiths who are intentionally vague about their services, pricing, or identification could be red flags. A legitimate locksmith will clearly communicate their services and fees and readily share their credentials. Consider it a warning sign if you notice the locksmith is hesitant or unclear in their responses.

High-Pressure Tactics

Scammers often use high-pressure tactics to make you feel hurried or stressed, hoping you'll make a quick decision without thoroughly considering your options. They may insist that if you don't act now, the price will increase or your security may be compromised. Reputable locksmiths understand that while some situations are urgent, it's still necessary for you to feel comfortable with your decisions.

Cash Only Policy

While it's not uncommon for service providers to accept cash, a locksmith insisting on cash only may be another red flag. A cash-only policy can prevent any paper trail, making it harder for you to dispute the charges later. Always opt for a locksmith who offers multiple payment methods.

Awareness of these signs can help you spot a fraudulent locksmith and avoid becoming a victim. Being in a lockout situation can be stressful, but don't let the urgency cloud your judgment. Always take your time to ensure you're dealing with a trustworthy locksmith. Remember, it's your security at stake.

How to Avoid Falling Prey to Fraudulent Locksmiths

Research and Validate

Do your research ahead of time and find a reputable locksmith before you find yourself in an emergency. Check their address, look at multiple review sources, and validate their affiliations.

Request Identification

Upon arrival, ask the locksmith for identification. Most professional locksmiths arrive in a vehicle that bears the company's logo and will have some form of ID or a business card.

Agree on a Price Beforehand

Before the locksmith starts working, make sure you agree on a total price for the service. This quote should include all fees and charges. If the locksmith refuses to give a complete quote, it's best to find another locksmith.

Unlocking the Truth

As we navigate our way through the maze of locksmith frauds, it's clear that knowledge is our best defense. By understanding the tactics of fraudulent locksmiths and equipping ourselves with the tools to verify a locksmith's credibility, we can confidently hire a professional when we need one.

Remember, not all locksmiths are out to deceive you. The locksmithing industry is filled with skilled and reputable professionals ready to help in your time of need. The trick is to do your research, validate credentials, and never be afraid to ask questions. With this knowledge, you can avoid scams and find a locksmith you can trust. The security of your home, vehicle, or office is too significant to leave in the hands of a swindler.

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